View Full Version : 65 f5.6 Super Angulon: How bad is the fall-off?

Jack Flesher
24-Jul-2006, 22:08
Can anyone tell me about how far out on the frame the 65 f5.6 Super Angulon begins to notably fall off?

I have the IIIb center filter, but note that Schneider recommends the III for the 65 f5.6 -- how much different are they?

And finally, I've owned the 58XL and 75 f5.6 SA, both of which are recommended for center filters. In my experience the 58 definitely needed the CF at all times while the 75 did not. So, for those that own and use it, does the 65 f5.6 need the center filter?

Thanks in advance!

Pete Caluori
25-Jul-2006, 19:44

While I can't give you imperical test data, my experience with this lens on 4x5 is good. The fall off is noticable in the corners on E-6 film, but not a problem with B&W. On B&W the corners can be easily dodged and the results are fine. I've never used this lens with any type of center filter and on 4x5 there's very little movement. To answer your question directly - not bad.

Regards, Pete

27-Jul-2006, 15:47
I bought a center filter specifically for this lens, on which I leave it permanently mounted. IMHO you are better off with one than without one, though it is possible to get by without it, esp. for B&W.

I personally don't believe that multiple filters are needed for various lenses, one is already expensive enough. Maybe it is my wallet that doesn't believe I need more...

Jack Flesher
28-Jul-2006, 11:06
I thought I'd add my own update for posterity.

I went ahead and bought the lens deciding I'd just test it out myself ;) To be specific, mine is a Multi-Coated marked and Sinar badged version.

As for falloff, it is notably BETTER than my 80 SSXL, showing less fall-off unshifted -- probably a stop at most in the extreme corner. Surprisingly, this copy is also quite sharp -- it appears a bit sharper than my SA 90 f8 MC lens.