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4-May-1998, 10:29
I have just recently attained an old Graflex Crown Graphic 4x5. Over the last w eek or so I have slowly tried to figure out this camera since I am a newbie to l arge format. By exploring sights like this I have gained an enormous amount of information. More than I would have ever gotten from any manual. But one part about this camera still eludes me. After searching for a few days on the Intern et and after even talking to a friend of mine who has built his own 8x10 view ca mera there are some numbers on the front of the camera (when it is extended) tha t we can't seem to figure what they are used for. Like I said, when the bellows are extended (and as you focus the lens) there is an arrow in the upper left co rner that slides along pointing towards other numbers and the infinity symbol. Finally my question: what are these numbers corresponding to and how do I use t hem to take a better exposure? At first I thought they might have reference to how the camera is focused, but when I set it on infinity the image displayed on the ground glass was anything but in focus. Any help from anyone who may have a Graflex would definitely be appreciated.

John Lehman
4-May-1998, 13:17
The numbers are a focusing scale; if the lens is properly extended for infinity focus with the scale at infinity, the numbers will show the distance for focus as the bed is extended. There should be folding stops on the track to stop the lens at the correct distance for infinity focus. If the lens has been changed, the scale may no longer be accurate (it varies for each focal length).

Ron Shaw
4-May-1998, 13:23
Yes, these are for focusing, and are in feet. They do need to be calibrated for a specific lens. My Speed Graphic has two of them, I guess for two different foc al length lenses at one time in its life. Neither one corresponds to any of my l enses now. I dont use them (I focus on the ground glass). The only time I used i t was to set my infinity stops. (set focus so the infinity marks line up, move l ens board in or out until something at infinity is in focus, then set my stops a t that location).

17-Oct-2012, 15:02
I used to use that scale for zone focusing with flash when I worked for a newspaper. Set lens on 12 feet, f32, asa 200 film. Everything in focus from 6.5 feet to 50 feet. Press Wabash 25 bulb. Very quick especially with Ansco Super Hy-pan Press in film packs.

Kevin Crisp
17-Oct-2012, 15:18
The question is 4 years old.....

Since he never posted again I guess he got it figured out. Or dropped out.

Dan Fromm
17-Oct-2012, 16:12
14 years, Kevin. The dread YYY bug has bit again.

18-Oct-2012, 03:34
Yes, I should have noticed that. Of course the information given is of absolutely NO value to anyone except the original poster. Mea culpa!