View Full Version : Average price for Pola type 54?

23-Jul-2006, 11:37

What will the normal price for a Pola Type 54 20 pack on eBay be like? I beleive B&H charges something like $60 for a pack, but anyway....


Ted Harris
23-Jul-2006, 18:37
You'll pay $54 from Badger or Midwest and you may save a bit on eBay for fresh film but not enough for the hassle IMHO. Unlike other films, I wouldn't recommend buying Polaroid sheet films that are more than a few months out of date ..... they start to get real falky after that, one sheet good and the next not. Unless it is real cheap of course. I bought a case of out of date T55 a couple of years ago for $10 a box, cheap enough to take a chance and even then by the time I was through half of the case some 4 months later the processing pods were largely streaky.

24-Jul-2006, 07:38
For years I think I must have singlehandedly supported Dr. Land's Learjet, but since starting digital three years ago I've only bought occasional Polaroid film. After reading this thread I just checked the B&H prices for Polaroid peel-apart and sheet film -- Jesus H Christ!