View Full Version : Processing Polaroid Type 56

David F
21-Jul-2006, 23:40
I'm interested in trying Type 56 film. I'm wondering if the print (you don't get a neg) requires a special coating, as you do for Type 55 prints. I'm trying to avoid this, since this stuff is pretty yucky.

I read the spec sheet on 56 and it didn't say it needed any processing, but it would be good if someone could confirm this.


Donald Qualls
23-Jul-2006, 08:31
Polaroid's page on the film doesn't say it's coaterless, which to me implies that it requires coating like Type 55 or 52 prints. Type 54, for instance, very specifically calls out "coaterless" -- that's a selling point, so they wouldn't leave it out if the film didn't need coating.

Maybe it's just me, and memories forty years old, but coating the print has always seemed like part of the Polaroid experience.