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21-Jul-2006, 04:05

Sodium Borate (Borax) and Sodium Metaborate (Kodalk) are different reagents. Nevertheless I have seen an indistinct use of those in the “same” formula. For instance, the divided D23 development the second solution is sometimes referred to use a solution of Borax and sometimes of Kodalk. Would they be really interchangeable in photography? Same weight or is there a conversion factor? Could anybody clarify that?

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Ole Tjugen
21-Jul-2006, 04:08
"Divided D23" is not a divided developer, it's a D23 with an alkaline afterbath. You can use any alkali you want, and indeed just about every version has been published at some stage.

Borax and Sodium metaborate are NOT interchangeable, although one can be made from the other.

Wayne Crider
22-Jul-2006, 07:23
In the FDC there is 6 different formula's for a a D23 two bath. In the B solution the following are used alone or in conjunction. Borax, Sodium Metaborate, Sod. Carbonate Anhy; Sod Bicarbonate; Sod. Sulfite Anhy; Sodium Sulfate. The formulas are by Stoeckler, Dalzell, Adams, Leitz and two formulas recommended by The Film Developing Cookbook. THe FDC mentions potential problems with the B Solution as being staining, streaking and film swelling.

Paul Fitzgerald
22-Jul-2006, 08:39
Hi there,

try http://silvergrain.org/wiki/index.php/Metaborate.

Kodak was indistinct with their old fomulae, Kodalk and Borax could be substituted 1 - 1, Kodalk is more active but causes less swelling than Borax.

Hope it's a help.