View Full Version : Lab for c-41 processing

Brad Rippe
20-Jul-2006, 17:14
Hi Everyone,

Claypso stopped processing c-41 and I'm looking for a recommendation for another lab.

I'm considering Newlab, but haven't worked with them for a long time. I live just north of San Francisco.



20-Jul-2006, 22:42
You might want to try A&I is Los Angeles, via mail order. I've used them for 5x7 color neg (they do smaller and larger) - process and proof sheets. http://www.aandi.com/

Brad Rippe
21-Jul-2006, 13:44
Thanks Joe,
I'll give them a try.

Mike Boden
21-Jul-2006, 13:57
I second A&I! I use them for 8x10 color transparency and all my printing needs.

21-Jul-2006, 16:46
I use Image Craft in Phoenix. Top notch lab, fair prices.