View Full Version : Can one "half stop" the shutter?

19-Jul-2006, 20:39
I have been reading a while and have yet to find, by search or by luck, the answer to the following question? Can one "half stop" the shutter. I would think that you could because it is mechanically done but I am not sure.


Paul Fitzgerald
19-Jul-2006, 20:46

You can set Ilex shutters between full stops, some Wollensak shutter (not Rapax). You might try it with older Compound and Dial set Compurs. Most other shutter don't allow for that.

Doug Dolde
19-Jul-2006, 21:00
My Copals have 1/3 settings.

tim atherton
19-Jul-2006, 21:41
do you mean speed or aperture..?

Brian Ellis
19-Jul-2006, 23:56
It may vary with shutter type but on every LF shutter I've owned (mostly Copals) I could set the shutter in between marked speeds. But usually if I want an "in between" stop I'd do it with the aperture since apertures are marked for half or third stops and shutters aren't (at least mine aren't).

20-Jul-2006, 06:38
I am sorry, I thought it would be a yes, or no answer. If I am wide open and want a half stop it would be nice to just pick it up with the shutter speed. Forgive me, I am new at this. I know the apature is a geared affair that makes the hole bigger and smaller and is continuous. Speed is linear and the apature is not. I am trying to find all the in and outs of all this.


James E Galvin
20-Jul-2006, 06:58
The shutter speed ring has a slot cut into it that moves the speed mechanism lever, a sort of cam. On an Ilex, the cam is a smooth curve. On most shutters, the cam is a series of steps, much like the edge of a key. So to set in between speeds, there is no problem on the Ilex. But on most shutters, you have to set it part way up the ramp between steps. You can't see what you are doing with the shutter assembled, so it would be hit or miss.

tim atherton
20-Jul-2006, 08:04
And on Copal shutters there is one spot (I forget where it is - between 1/15 and 1/30 or something like that (maybe 1/8 and 1/15...) where it defaults to 1second or something like that. In fact this can happen if you don't actually set the shutter speed ring accurately to the marked speed and it is off just slightly. Unless you notice the longer noise, you don't realise until you find your film is overexposed....

Don't recall if this is so on all copal sizes either