View Full Version : Super-Symmar XL 110/5.6 question

19-Jul-2006, 19:24
Can someone tell me the rear element diameter of the Super-Symmar XL 110? It's probably not a problem but I'm trying to find out if it's compatible with the Horseman FA (needs to be less than 65mm).



Ted Harris
19-Jul-2006, 19:42
Yes, compatible with the FA. I used the 110 on my FA with great frequency. If you want the exact details go to Schneider's website ... www.schneideroptics.com

Robert A. Zeichner
20-Jul-2006, 04:27
This shouldn't be a problem as the rear filter thread diameter of the 110XL is 52mm and typically, the wall thickness adds about 3mm to overall diameter. That would fall well within the 65mm you have to work with.

20-Jul-2006, 06:40
Thx guys.

I had looked at the Schneider chart but wasn't sure I was reading it correctly. This confirms. Much appreciated.