View Full Version : Info needed on 120mm f/5/6 Aerogon

19-Jul-2006, 16:53
Some time ago I bought a 120mm f/5.6 Jos Schneider Kreuznach Aerogon lens for my 8x10 view. Lens stops down to f/22, is quite heavy and the glass, as best I can describe, looks like a large verson of the Hologon lens (for 35mm format) or pictures I've seen of the Hypergon lens. Held the lens with flange in front of my 8x10's front standard and it easily appears to throw a sharp image across the ground glass. Mounting the Aerogon in a shutter, S K Grimes said not possible, is not an option so I plan on using the Aerogon like my little barrel mounted Protar... stopped down and the the lenscap becomes the shutter.
Does anyone have any information or experience with this optic?


John Kasaian
19-Jul-2006, 17:36
I don't know anything about the aerogon, but I do have a metrogon. They---in fact most aerial lenses I've seen---are incredibly sharp at infinity. The ones I'm familiar with were meant to be used wide open or close to it. Rather than stopping down I'd suggest a ND filter to give you a chance to employ the lenscap shutter(of course I could be full 'o beans--like I said I don't have any experience with the aerogon)

If the aerogon is another incarnation of the metrogon (and it sounds like it is) there is a metrogon website---I don't have the link but a google search should find it for you.