View Full Version : DIY Shutter

19-Jul-2006, 16:28
Considering the basic concept and construction of the old packard shutters (in comparison to the new super-fast thousand-piece shutters available commerically), does anyone have links to DIY shutters?

I'm using the hand/lens-cap/hat/black-card methods, but its a little inconvenient having one hand tied up, and leading to inaccurate focusing due to vibrations etc.

I'm after any plans for a basic shutter than I can maybe even attach a cable release to.

As always, any help from you all is much appreciated.


Dan Fromm
19-Jul-2006, 17:41
New Packards are still being made. Google will find the company. It isn't named Hub Photo anymore, IIRC.

John Kasaian
19-Jul-2006, 19:52

PM me if you want a NOS packard shutter.