View Full Version : LF Macro lenses, 210 Nikor vs. 180 Rodenstock?

Bill Glickman
26-Jan-2000, 04:49
I am considering purchasing one of these two enses. I will be using it for 4x5 and 8x10. These seem to be the only two lenses that cover 8x10 for Macro work. The Nikor has a much larger image circle. Does anyone have any experience with these lenses? Any input would be helpful..

26-Jan-2000, 09:47

There are more lenses out there that will cover 8x10. I have a Fujinon 180 A, which is optimized from 1/10 TO 1X. It will cover 4x5 at infinity (with plenty of room, 252mm dia.), so it will cover 8x10 at 1:1. Since you need to double the bellows to go from infinity to 1:1, the image circle will double also. Most of the specs I have seen are at infinity. Remember that when looking at the specs.

If you want a lens that will cover 8x10 at infinity, then the 180A won't work, but the Fujinon 240A, (336mm dia.) will. This lens was recently discontinued, but it may still be available from Badger Graphic, and certainly on the used market.

I'm sure there are others, but this is the only one I have experience with.


Bob Salomon
26-Jan-2000, 10:51
The 120 Apo Macro Sironar also covers 810 with a 374mm circle at 1:1.

BTW, if you come to PMA next month at the LV CC I will show you how the focus shifts when you don't focus the loupe to the grain side of the GG.

Masayoshi Hayashi
26-Jan-2000, 11:49
Bill, I don't have an experience of either of the lenses but I believe Philip has the Nikor lens so you might want to ask him. You are lucky because someone is selling Ro APO macro 180mm at photo.net.classifieds. AND believe or not, KEH sells the brand new Nikkor for just $1079 as a close-out. This is a steal! I guess you want to do a side by side comparison buying from these two sources.

Natha Congdon
26-Jan-2000, 15:11
I use the Nikkor 210 W as my standard portrait lens in 4 X 5. It is an extremely sharp lens, one of my favorites. It is available used in Mint/Mint - condition on a regular basis in Shutterbug (Midwest Photo, etc) for ca$400-500. It sells new at B + H for $679. The image circle at f22/Infinity is 295 mm, whereas the min for 8 x 10 is 325 mm. Could you cover 8 X 10 at closer distances or by stopping down more? Yes, but this would not be an ideal lens for 8 X 10. Lenses at 210 that do cover 8 X 10: Super Symmar HM, Rodenstock Apo Sironar W (the S just covers,I think), Super Angulon (Huge lens) and the new Super Symmar XL (huge lens). A long lens in 4 X 5 that is appropriate for 8 X 10 is the Nikkor 300M, which is in a Copal 1, and much smaller than any of the other lenses I mentioned above.

Good luck,


Natha Congdon
26-Jan-2000, 15:12
Cancel the above--I just saw the word "Macro" in your header!