View Full Version : Anyone carried film through Dublin lately

18-Jul-2006, 08:22
I'm going to be travelling to Dublin later this summer and will be taking FP4 with me. Does anyone know if they allow the film to be checked by using a loading bag or do they insist on putting it through the "see it all clearly x-ray machine" Any suggestions will be most welcome and I'll raise a cold cold glass of Belguims finest larger (5.2)to all replys..hic Its purley a heat issue! hic..

Be using 5 x 7 and only able to buy this in the UK...

chris jordan
18-Jul-2006, 09:39
I had a pretty bad experience in Dublin a couple of years back. I asked them to hand inspect my boxes of 8x10 film, and the guy started opening the boxes. I said you can't do that, it's camera film, and he said (in his Irish brogue), "well if I don't open the boxes, then I won't be hand inspecting them now, will I" and he kept opening them. After a long argument, in which he refused to back down, I finally just put them through the x-ray. Luckily they were unharmed.

Same thing has happened numerous times in Seattle; those are the two airports with the dumbest security people that I've seen in all the airports I've gone through.

18-Jul-2006, 11:30
Last year I went to New Zealand and Australia. I put my film, mostly Velvia 100 4x5, through the hand check x-ray machine 8 times. No discernable effect. I don't waste my time asking for hand inspections any longer.

Walter Calahan
18-Jul-2006, 11:40
I didn't remember if Bloom carried film through Dublin? Grin.

Use lead bags and send the film throught the hand carry x-ray. Shouldn't be a problem even though the Seattle TSA aren't bright, unless they want to make it a problem because they are stupid. In that case it is always good to be on your best behavior and ask for a second opinion from a supervisor.

And remember - just keep smiling. It pisses them off even more. HA!