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18-Jul-2006, 07:49
I'm new to LF coming from digital SLR and I was wondering much difference does 216mm vs 235mm image circle make on a 90mm lens for tilt/swing for 4x5? I'm thinking landscape with lots of foreground and architecture. I'm trying to get a used Nikkor 90mm f/4.5 but if the coverage doesn't make a big difference a less expensive lens like a Schneider or Fujinon f/8 would be better. My Cokin filter setup for my SLR will handle the /f8 lenses.


18-Jul-2006, 07:57
I'm new to LF coming from digital SLR and I was wondering...
You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. I'm no fool... YOU'RE NOT ANSEL! ;-)

Ralph Barker
18-Jul-2006, 08:03
The "standard" f/8 90s usually provide sufficient coverage for most folks. But, coverage (image circle) is one of those things that don't matter a lot until you run out of it, and you miss that "shot of a lifetime" as a result. If you want to shoot lots of "looming foreground" images, you may want all the image circle you can get.

My suggestion, though, would be to try one of the "standard" 90s, and see if it suffices for what you want to shoot. If you buy used, and get a reasonably good deal, you can always sell the lens later at little or no loss.

18-Jul-2006, 09:23
Nikon F/8 has a fair bit of coverage. If you want coverage and F/8 it's the choice.

OTOH if you can live with a little longer then the Fuji SW 105mm F/8 will give even more coverage and it's not a great deal longer.

Ole Tjugen
18-Jul-2006, 11:00
I tend to run out of film area before I run out of coverage with the Schneider Super-Angulon 90mm f:8. Very often I end up putting the lens on a 5x7" camera instead, and cropping the negative.