View Full Version : Cleaning Lens Barrels

Scott Rosenberg
17-Jul-2006, 22:41
just wondering what i could use to clean the barell of my lenses that will give them the fresh-from-the-factory look again without removing the white paint printed along the outside. i thought about acetone or mineral spirits, which are great solvents, but worried about taking the white lettering paint off. would glass cleaner do it... or possibly a mild surfactant like woolite... or maybe just good old fashioned warm water with dishsoap? before i tried something and took the lettering clean off my lenses, i thought i'd ask here!

i'll assume whatever is safe for the barell will also be safe for the shutter and won't remove the numbers marking shutter speeds?


Ralph Barker
18-Jul-2006, 07:54
To paraphrase from the Antique Road Show, "If this had the original patina, it would sell at auction for at least a half-million. Refinished as it is the value is closer to $2." ;)

18-Jul-2006, 08:00
What Ralph said... but if it's only worth $2 to begin with, there are paint sticks at Fargo Enterprise's MicroTools site for filling in engraved lettering/numbering. They come in all colors.