View Full Version : FP4 processing times

Don Wallace
17-Jul-2006, 10:02
I shot some FP4 in 8x10 over the weekend because I was caught short while out in the country so I didn't do any tests first. Can anyone suggest starting times for development? I use a Jobo expert drum, hand rolled. I normally develop in HC-110, but I am thinking of changing to ...?

17-Jul-2006, 10:05

Jay DeFehr
17-Jul-2006, 11:58
7:00/70F 510-Pyro 1:100. Beautiful!


Rico Obusan
17-Jul-2006, 15:44
I use tube processing as well for 8x10 FP4, developed in HC-110, but with a Uniroller. My normal dilution of HC-110 is 1:50, temp at 20 degrees C/68F, for 10 minutes. This assumes a normal range of subject brightness (N development). My configuration might be a useful starting point.

Ron Marshall
17-Jul-2006, 17:51
Don, I also hand-roll in a Jobo 3006, D76 1:1. My time for FP4+ is 6:40.