View Full Version : New article by David Karp: THE CAMBO 45SF 4x5

QT Luong
16-Jul-2006, 17:56
A new article by David Karp,
THE CAMBO 45SF 4x5 (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/cameras/cambo-45sf/), has been posted. Please feel free to leave any constructive comments in this thread.

Brian Ellis
17-Jul-2006, 18:39
I just looked to see the pictures but I noticed that under "Specs" he says the bellows extends from 1" to 7-1/8". That surely is a typo, the bellows has to extend beyond 7 inches.

QT Luong
18-Jul-2006, 17:31
David is away this week, I am sure he will fix it when he returns.