View Full Version : What 4x5" rolls go together with a Jobo 2563 tank?

Patrik Roseen
16-Jul-2006, 14:16
I recently picked up a Jobo 2563 tank and a 2560 tank module (which I think is supposed to be attached to the 2563 or?).
The 2563 includes the lid with the cog gear thing on the top and also some kind of cup on the inside of the lid...can't figure out what it is for ...any suggestions?

I understand I need some kind of reels to put the 4x5" sheets in. I have looked at the Jobo web-site but can not really figure out what I need to get. There is a reel mentioned, i.e. 2509N which takes 6 4x5 sheets and stacking two of these within the tank would mean 12 sheets to process...but my 2563 tank has information saying that it should take 2509 and only process 8 4x5" sheets (730 ml) , so I am assuming I need a reel taking four 4x5 sheets right? anything else I need to get for the inside of the tank?
As you understand I would really appreciate some good advise here. Kind regards, Patrik.

16-Jul-2006, 14:50
If the inside of the lid is a cup you've got a print lid. The 256X tanks don't seem that common. The slightly smaller 255X tanks are much more common. If you want to use the tank for film you'll need to either get a funnel for the lid or a whole new film lid. Do you have the column ? There should be a plastic tube that the reels mount to. Once the lid is closed the funnel forms a light trap with the tube.

You want the 2509N which is the newer version of the 2509. It does take six sheets per reel.

If you're missing all the film parts [funnel and column] buying a new 2561 wouldn't be much more expensive. But it's your choice. Are you using the tank on a processor? If you are using it off a processor then you'll want to replace the lid with the basic non cog lid with the red cap. I guess you could look for a rubber stopper to fit the lid you have.

Patrik Roseen
17-Jul-2006, 06:18
Thanks for the info Nick_3536, It seems I got myself into some challenge here.

The cup on the inside of the lid is detachable, but without it the lid is not waterproof nor light tight so as you say so I need another lid.
No I do not have any column for any potential reals.
Quite useless for film processing I guess.

However, what you say about paperprocessing sounds interesting. Do you know if I need any specific reels for paperprocessing in this tank/module. Or do I simply roll the paper and put it inside the tank. If so, I can process rather large papers in this when I put to two tanks together.../Patrik

17-Jul-2006, 07:45
You can order a replacement funnel and column from Jobo. The problem is the last time I looked the cost for the two items wasn't much less then a used tank.

You should be able to do 1 16x20 sheet of paper when you use both the base tank and the extension. Just slip the sheet of paper in. If it was the actual print tank [2830] it would have ridges on the inside. The combination of the 2830 print tank and the 2800 series extension would let you do 4 8x10 sheets of 1 sheet of 16x20 or various combination of smaller sheets. But without the ridges I think at best you can do is the one sheet of 16x20.

BTW some people claim they can do film with the print lid. But I'm guessing it's a pain. The print lid can only handle about 400ml of chemicals. So you'd have to fill the lid. Rotate the tank long enough for the chemicals to enter the tank then add some more chemicals. Either that or take the lid off and add chemicals in the dark.