View Full Version : Does the copal #0 normally rattle?

Josh DunhamWood
23-Mar-2000, 19:02
I just purchased a lens w a copal 0 shutter mounted. This is the first I have had. I own another copal w no designation other than the #48 ( i haven't come across a chart showing dimensions of shutters ) anyway, the one I already had had is quiet at all speeds, ie; no after sound, just clicks at the beginning and at the end of exposure w the usual winding sound inbetween. The copal #0 has a distinct 'twang'and additional recoil sound while cocking and @ the end of the exposure, most notably @ T or B. Kind of like describing that funny sound in the car.......Does anyone know if this is inherent, or possible differs from shutter to shutter. I don't have the time to have it lo oked at before I have to commit.

Pete Andrews
24-Mar-2000, 05:28
I wouldn't like to say, one way or the other, from a description of the sound, but if it's any help the Copals aren't the quietest shutters in the world. My two copal 0 shutters have a slightly different sound from the Copal 1, but they also have a slightly different sound from each other. To my ear the Copal 0 makes a kind of "shzeeer-ting" sound at the slower speeds and the Copal 1 is kind of "shzeeer-clack", but it might be due to the different noise deadening ability of the lenses they're attached to.

All I can say is, if all the speeds appear to be functional and there's no sign of damage to the blades, or tampering (scored screw-heads etc.) then it's probably OK. Check that the preview lever goes all the way over in the closed position, that can make a funny noise if it's just off position.

Charlie Stracl
24-Mar-2000, 17:15
My Copal #0 has a sound that is like a spring bouncing. My Copal #1 doesn't. I haven't been concerned about it.

Talk to the lens manufacturer's US rep (Nikon, Schneider, Rodenstock etc.) to see how much a repair might cost or if this is normal.


Charlie Stracl
24-Mar-2000, 19:11
I remember more.

When I cock the shutter & release the cocking lever, it sounds like a spring is bouncing. I suspect it's normal.