View Full Version : Opinions on Linhof Schneider Xenotar 135mm f3.5

15-Jul-2006, 09:03
Hi folks,

I was wondering if anyone has specific technical advice on this lens (or can point me to it), and how it fares in comparison to new lenses. I dated this one to the late 60's, roughly the same age as my Technika V. My initial tests look good, but I was wondering how people thought it performed comparatively in terms of:

* overall sharpness, from wide open to stopped down
* color rendition
* contrast
* coverage (matters the least to me)

I will be shooting landscapes and portraits, mostly color neg, some b+w, and will enlarge to 20x24", perhaps bigger. I guess I am interested to know if anyone felt that in the end it wouldn't hold up sufficiently compared to a modern Schneider or Rodenstock.

Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance!

Claudio Cambon

15-Jul-2006, 10:10
Do a web search... there are two Schneider web sites that have technical data; one is American and the other is German (but most docs in their archive is in three languages). All technical information that you seek can be found there.

In terms of how good the lens is... it sounds to me like you already found out that it is a wonderful lens!

Jeremy Moore
15-Jul-2006, 10:42
The f/3.5 is a fantastic lens (just LOVE the bright ground glass), but the image circle is very small (very little movement on 4x5). I've never shot any color with it before, though, so I can't comment on that aspect.

Michael Graves
15-Jul-2006, 10:52
I have one, and I've got some very sharp negatives with nice contrast from it on 4x5. Coverage is quite limited. 4x5 with just a hair extra for very limited movements. For about two years, I've been shooting almost all 5x7 and 8x10, so it hasn't seen much use. Doesn't even come close to covering 5x7. I supposed I could do circular images on 8x10.

But I just acquired a 4x5 reducing back for my 5x7 Toyo. So that may be about to change.

16-Jul-2006, 08:05
Does anyone know of a good source for a screw-on lens shade for this lens? I would like to avoid having to attach a compendium shade to the front, if possible. Thanks!


16-Jul-2006, 20:00
Mine takes standard 58mm filters, Claudio, so a lens shade shouldn't be a problem.