View Full Version : Fantastic, LFPF in my cell-phone

Patrik Roseen
14-Jul-2006, 14:28
I am currently on vacation shooting some 4x5 and do not have access to my computer. I needed some advice from previous threads on this forum so I tried browsing through my cell-phone(Sony-Ericsson P910c) and it's great. I just could not resist to express my joy over this.
It is a but awkward to write since the message window is larger than my screen and for some reason the window does not follow the cursor so it's like writing in the dark.

Are there any tricks I should know about for cell-phone use of this forum...any other members with GPRS-experience?
Kind regards, Patrik.

Jim MacKenzie
14-Jul-2006, 17:32
I use my cell phone as a modem via either Bluetooth or a USB cable. That way I don't have to use the tiny screen on the phone, which would drive me crazy. :) I always take my laptop with me on vacation. I use my cell phone at our cottage to get online, too. It's kind of expensive so you need to watch your usage.

With GPRS I get about 40kbps which is quite livable. If I had an EDGE data card or phone I could get about 200kbps.

Some forums have a special cell-phone compatible mode that has less data (e.g. http://www.howardforums.com, the mobile phone site). I'm not sure if this site has one, but it seems to use the same software so it's entirely possible to implement such a feature.

Patrik Roseen
14-Jul-2006, 23:54
Jim, there are two different layouts for browsing the LFPF on the cell-phone. The first one I get access to is the low bandwidth one...but it is very shaky in term of navigating through posts and especially getting back to where one was prior to openig a thread. Then there is a version called: 'This page layout for mobile' ...and this one looks more or less the same one sees on the computerscreen and feels much more reliable and easier to administrate your user profile etc. I am posting this one from low bandwidth version and can not actually see if I am posting to the correct thread or not...
As for the size of screen the S-E P910 has a screen like a 6x8 chrome (MF), not really LF*I admit but good enough for viewing all the great stuff on this forum. ;-) Patrik.