View Full Version : ebony RW 45

john birkey
23-Mar-2000, 16:19
I am considering buying an Ebony RW45. Any experience with these cameras or adv ice for or against would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Trevor Crone
23-Mar-2000, 19:04
John I use two Ebony cameras the SW23 and SW45.I use these models because they a re so good with wide angle lenses with plenty of movements. They are beautifully made from ebony and titanium, compact,light yet very rigid and quick to set up. I've used the SW23 for well over a year and it has never let me down.Ebony also make some superb accessories like the bellows focusing hood which simply clips t o the focusing back of their 4x5 cameras doing away with the 'Dracula' cape.I le ave this attached to the 4x5 all the time.They also produce the best fresnel scr een I ever seen its just superb with wide angle lenses from 35 to 90.Incidentall y this fits other 4x5 cameras.I don't think you'll regret going for one of these superb instruments.Best of luck John,regards Trevor.

paul owen
25-Mar-2000, 18:16
Hi, I've been using the Ebony SW45 anf it is a fantastic camera!! It is very lightweight but more importantly it is super rigid even at full extension. It is the ideal camera for landscape/architecture as it allows lenses from 35mm to 180mm without changing bellows (although you would need a recessed lensboard for the extreme wide angle lenses). If you use lenses longer than 180mm then extension backs can be purchased that allow longer lenses to be used (I believe up to 300mm focal length). If I were you I would look at the SW45 as opposed to the RW45 (despite the expense!!) for the following reasons: the bellows on the RW are not very flexible and you cannot safely use anything wider than a 90mm (75mm at a push) without seriously restricting movements.Also, the SW is non-folding and is ready to use in a matter of seconds. I considered the RW and it was only when I saw the SW "in the flesh" that I fell in love with it...there is something about ebony and titanium I guess, and although the RW is a great camera, my advice before purchasing one would be to check out the SW. Either way you will not be disappointed, I promise!! Regards Paul.