View Full Version : Which shutter for Raptar 160/4,5 ?

14-Jul-2006, 11:31
I've been offered a Wollensak Raptar 160/4,5 . It is unmounted, that is consists of a front and a rear part. Does anyone know which shutter would be the right one for this? What would be the correct spacing of the lens parts (should there be used any shims)? I expect this to be a medium sharp lens. By the way, how is it easiest to determine and make an aperture scale for a selfmounted lens like this? :-)

Ole Tjugen
14-Jul-2006, 14:23
It's likely to be too big for a 1, which typically contains a 150/4.5. It might fit in a Compur 2, if you can find one. So the "modern" alternative is a no.3 shutter...

John Kasaian
14-Jul-2006, 16:30
You might look for a Wollensak Rapax shutter. I have a 168mm Velostigmat (an older, uncoated version of *some* raptars) that lives quite comforatbly in one.

14-Jul-2006, 17:45
My 162/4.5 Raptar (a standard option on postwar Speed/Crown Graphics instead of the 135mm/4.7) came in a (#2?) Rapax with top speed of 1/200. It's the same size used on their 10" Tele-Raptar. A really beautiful lens.

Paul Fitzgerald
14-Jul-2006, 19:53
Hi there,

Try http://www.surplusshed.com
item # L3096, if it looks like that you will be looking for an Alphax shutter, direct screw-in fit.

Have fun with it.