View Full Version : Enlarging Raptar Wide Angle f12.5?

Wenbiao Liang
14-Jul-2006, 08:16
Anyone knows the Enlarging Raptar Wide Angle 4 1/4" f12.5? Is it the same formula as their 108mm f12.5 taking lens?

I checked the http://www.cameraeccentric.com/, but found no mention of f12.5 enlarging lenses, only f4.5 enlarging lenses, which are all tessar types.


Ernest Purdum
14-Jul-2006, 14:29
Is the lens marked as an enlarging lens or are you assuming that it is for that use because of the mounting? I am startled by the idea of making and using a lens that slow for enlarging use. Does it have a series number on it? IIIa perhaps? Wollensak did make some of these lenses in very peculiar mounts apparently for some military use. Unfortunately, these won't quite fit into any shutter I know of.

Wenbiao Liang
16-Jul-2006, 21:33
Thanks Ernest,
It is an online auction, and the seller did not know much about the cameras/lenses, and the picture was way too small. I will ask for more information.

Wenbiao Liang
1-Nov-2006, 20:46
The lens arrived yesterday, along with other lenses.

It is actually a 4 1/4 Wollensak Wide Angle Raptar f12.5, with the circle_W sign, so it is coated, serial number #8xx,xxx. It was among several other enlarging lenses, and it is in a barrel as well, so the seller mis-represented it as an Enlarging Raptar. :)

A nice surprise in deed.

The funny things about this lens are: there are no iris, only a barrel, and the focal length in mm is 104.6mm, so exact that I think this was used in a press camera maybe?

I tried to fit the lens groups into the shutter that came with the Wollensak RR 5X7 lens (it is a Wollensak Automatic shutter, one of those press-type shutters, with shutter speed from 1/100 to 1s), the rear group fits in no problem, the front almost group fits but not quite, a little tight.

But, the RR's front and rear groups can fit into this 4 1/4" lens barrell no problem, and 4 1/4" lens' front group can fit into shutter's rear side.

So, it is almost like the front internal thread of the shutter was not made correctly.

Then I took my 127 Ektar out, it is in a Supermatic shutter, the 4 1/4 Wollensak rear group fits in tightly, the front group fits in loosely, but it fits, although a little bit loose, and I can not tight it in all the way, otherwise the shutter blades would not open. The spacing is about right too. :) I think I need to make a plastic adapter ring of some sort just to secure the front group and spacing.

But I guess I can have a working 4 1/4" f12.5 wide angle soon! It will be interesting to compare this guy to my 90mm 6.8 Optar. I think they are the same design.