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Matus Kalisky
14-Jul-2006, 07:55

I am considering getting one (or more) of following Kodak films :
- 100 EPP
- E100VS
- E100G
and I would like to ask how do this films compare concerning the color rendition, contrast range or how do they react to different lighting. My usage will be landscapes, but also some ciityscapes, early morning but also daylight.

Up to now I have done only 4 photos with 100 EPP (little bluish in shade during the sunny day, but this is probably normal as the light is blue in the shade).

All your experience and opinions will be greatly appreciated.



Jim MacKenzie
14-Jul-2006, 08:11
Of the three I've only used E100VS. It's somewhat like Velvia - very saturated colours. It's also very grainy for an ISO 100 film, but of course, in 4x5 this is not a huge concern.

I actually really like its colour palette. It's a nice film. Not ideal if people will be in the scene, though.

Martin D.
14-Jul-2006, 08:18
I assume that you will print digitally. Your photoshop abilities are more important than small differences in films. Choose a low contrast film. To fix a blue cast in shadows takes about 2 seconds to fix in photoshop. I use Fuji Astia.

Ole Tjugen
14-Jul-2006, 08:26
I use VS and G, and far prefer them to Velvia. Summer around here has infinite shades of green, which these films reproduce very well and Velvia supersaturates.

G is good for general use, VS for when you need a little extra punch.

14-Jul-2006, 09:16
I've used VS and G in the past... nice films and they perform as the other posters stated.

However, I've switched to Fuji films entirely of late.

Now, I'm using Astia, Provia, and Velvia pretty much exclusively. :)


14-Jul-2006, 10:14
I've only used the VS100, and found it to be quite a nice film. But, I haven't used it enough to come to any real conclusions about it. I'm primarily a Velvia user, although I probably should give it a try again. FWIW, I live in Hawaii and use Velvia because of its ability to capture subtle tones; I've never shot the VS100 over here.

Gordon Moat
14-Jul-2006, 12:25
I have used all of them, though I have a preference for E100VS. In general, to add to the other comments, EPP is a little too saturated for skins tones, though it can be good for urban environment shooting during daylight. I tend to like more saturated images, and also do more night and low light, so E100VS better matches what I want to achieve. I have only briefly used E100G, and find the green response to be much better than the other two. An example was a shoot of an old Morgan sports car in a very dark Brooklands Green paint finish; the E100G performed great; I should also point out that was 6x9 shots on roll film, though I would expect the larger sheet films to have similar performance.

To compare Fuji films, I tend to like E100VS saturation more than any of the Velvia flavours, though that could be miy personal preference. A good comparison film to E100G is Fuji Astia 100F. I prefer using Astia 100F, since I think it does better with skin tones.


Gordon Moat