View Full Version : Outdated paper and chemistry

Bill Kumpf
13-Jul-2006, 07:29
I recently bought a dark room lock, stock, and barrel.
It included the following, all outdated.

Neofin Blau
Neofin Rot

Ilford Cibachrome ĖA
Chemsitry and Paper

RT Color Print Chemistry

Agfachrome ACS Activator N

Unicolor E6

Kodak Extacolor Paper

Some B&W materials I have used with mixed results. I donít plan on doing color.

Should I just dump this? What is the proper method of deposing photographic materials? Any other ideas?

Thanks in advanced.


13-Jul-2006, 21:26
If the paper actually says Cibachrome (not Ilfochrome) it is at least 15-20 years old (or more) and is probably not worth wasting time with.