View Full Version : B&H Photo: Kodak Portra 8x10 NC not more available

13-Jul-2006, 02:45
Dear Customer

Thank you for your inquiry.

We would like to inform you that the Kodak - KOP160NC8110 USA - Portra-160NC 8x10" 10 Sheets Professional Color Print Film (ISO-160)
you previously registered for notification has been discontinued and will no longer be available from B&H.

Walter Calahan
13-Jul-2006, 04:01
Switch to Fuji Pro 160S

13-Jul-2006, 06:40
OH S**T!!!
That means that it will soon be unavailable in other formats, too. I wonder how many products are being discontinued not because they're losing money, but because the profit margin is too low to help the bottom line. Kodak (and most others) certainly haven't spent any money on R&D in a long time.
I went to my local downtown Wolf/Ritz store last week and they did not have ANY Kodak 35mm color film in stock, only Fuji.

Tom Westbrook
13-Jul-2006, 07:38
Did you call Kodak and confirm that? Just because B&H said they discontinued it, doesn't necessarily mean it was discontinued by Kodak. 1-800-242-2424 ext. 19

Walter Calahan
13-Jul-2006, 08:37
What hurts is that Kodak's Portra 400NC isn't available either from B&H. Even though I mentioned a switch to Fuji in the above reply, Fuji isn't making a 400 ISO color negative film in 8x10 that I can find (anyone know if Fuji is making a 400 ISO color neg film that I can't seem to find?)

Calumet is still selling Portra 400NC 8x10, but the price jumped to over $93 per box.

Let's cross our fingers that Kodak is drawing down inventory for the release of new film. OK, cross our toes too.

Eric Leppanen
13-Jul-2006, 09:57
I just called Kodak's Professional Imaging Division. This is what they told me:

- Portra 160NC has been discontinued in 8x10 sheets. It is still available in all smaller formats.
- Portra 160VC and 400NC are still available in all formats including 8x10. Portra 400NC 8x10 (Kodak part # 8134652) is back-ordered one day (they have a new batch about ready to go).

So it looks like all is well. I had already shifted to Fuji Pro 160S for 8x10 but still use 400NC on occasion.

13-Jul-2006, 10:32
As unfortunate as it is that Kodak is discontinuing Portra 160NC in 8x10... I've already switched over to Fuji films entirely.

Just like I've switched over to Ilford for my B&W films.

I'm just not sure how committed Kodak is towards supporting the LF community in the future.

[I know there'll be those that will say that this is making a prophecy come true and I won't argue the point. They may well be right! But, personally, I prefer not to base the future on an "if this, then that" scenario.]

So, I've channelled my financial resources to supporting those that are doing so and, will do so in the future. :)


14-Jul-2006, 03:12
Switch to Fuji Pro 160S

Thanks for your advice. I've switched over to Fuji. I'm not very optimistic about Kodak 8x10" future. Maybe Fuji become the only manufacturer of 8x10 print sheet films, let's hope and cross our fingers.


Michael S. Briggs
14-Jul-2006, 03:26
The title of this thread isn't precisely correct since a Kodak Portra NC film is available in 8x10 -- 400NC accordinging to the post by Eric. I found it listed in stock by Calumet.

Maybe more 8x10 photographers are using the Portra 400NC than the 160NC? I'd think the extra speed would be useful, and few would be enlarging 8x10 enough for the difference in grain to matter.

If you want 8x10 Portra 400NC, you might suggest to B&H that they stock it. In the past I found them responsive to a similar suggestion.