View Full Version : Gitzo 1325 Carbon Fiber tripod... good for 4x5?

Glenn Kroeger
22-Mar-2000, 12:54
Any feedback on the 1325 as a LF tripod. Seems like the lack of a center post wo uld be a great advantage, but I have never seen how the removable plate is attac hed and wonder if it introduces other stability issues?

Mark Windom
22-Mar-2000, 13:03

I've been using the 1325 (with an Arca B1) for the past year with my Wista SP. Stability has never been a problem and since I never raised the center post on other tripods I've had the lack of one on the 1325 hasn't been an issue for me. Three leg sections instead of four is an added bonus.

Sal Santamaura
22-Mar-2000, 15:42
The 1325 is an outstanding choice for LF. It supports my Wista VX 4x5 and Phillips Compact II 8x10, both on an Arca B-1, extremely well. The tripod's removeable plate clamps tightly into its yoke, is interchangable with a center column, and introduces no stability probelems. I suggest that, for outdoor use, one obtain spiked end sections from Gitzo's 1338 video tripod. Their diameter and clamps are compatible with 1325 end sections, and they achieve firmer ground contact than do rubber feet.

19-Apr-2001, 14:22
gitzo carbon tripod can't stand low temperature !!! otherwise in usual situation, i think that they are the best compromise betwen w eight and stability, and very easy to use!

Patrick Raymore
19-Apr-2001, 15:02
Sal brings up an important point about the rubber ended feet. I have avoided anything wtih "rubber" feet. I require that they either be spike or have a hard plastic tip. I was not aware that these gitzos were available with spiked feet. If so available it makes them an atractive option.

Jean-Marie Solichon
20-Apr-2001, 06:24
I've been using the 1325 with an Arca B1 and a Toyo 45 AII for almost one year. It worked very well even at temperature between 0 and - 10? C. At these temperature it seemed that it is the ball head that comes to get problems. The rubber ends are not that much "supple". But, yes spiked end would be great. If I did understand well what salesman explained to me spiked ends are not available as an option : you have to replace the 3 last sections (no idea of the cost) to get the ones of 1338. Since now I did not feel it was worth it.

Lloyd Chamber
20-Apr-2001, 16:50

I used my Gitzo 1228 for 4 X 5 and I'd say it's a little light, but it will work OK. The 1325 is heavier and probably quite sufficient.

However, I now also own a Gitzo 1548 which I really like a lot; I use it even for 35mm. I don't use the 1228 much anymore. Basically, if I'm not walking more than a few miles (which is 90% of the time), I take the 1548, otherwise the 1228. The 1548 is monstrously strong and rigid, and a real joy to work with. I'd go with the 1548 if I were you--it will handle anything you can throw at it.