View Full Version : Ideal Developer for Delta 100

brian steinberger
11-Jul-2006, 22:45
Ok, I'm going to start testing Delta 100. I've been debating about developers. I know that DD-X is great, but it's expensive. Also, there's Microphen, Rodinal 1:25 and ID-11 1:1. I really like sharpness and high accutance. Which developer do you recommend (DD-X included).

Michael Gordon
11-Jul-2006, 23:53
Rollo Pyro, N= 8.5 mins @ 68-70f - works for me.

Ralph Barker
12-Jul-2006, 06:03
FWIW, I use DD-X.

Robert Ley
12-Jul-2006, 11:02
Brian, Some people use DDX at a 1:9 dilution. I believe that Fred at the View Camera Store recommends DDX at 1:9. This would solve some of your problems with the high cost of the stock solution. On the other hand, I really don't worry about the cost of materials when you consider what I pay in travel expenses and my time. LF is an expensive proposition in itself between the equipement, film and accessories. A few extra bucks for developer is pretty small potatoes.

Jay DeFehr
12-Jul-2006, 11:08
Hi Brian.

I don't shoot Delta 100 much, myself, but a friend uses it as his standard film and develops in Hypercat with excellent results. If there's a cheaper, or sharper developer than Hypercat, I don't know about it.


brian steinberger
12-Jul-2006, 14:17

If I use at 1:9 do I just double the times? That would be very long. Where can I find times for that dilution? Also, would diluting it further enhance edge effects and accutance?

Robert Ley
12-Jul-2006, 18:43
Brian, How are you going to process your film? I use a Jobo at 72deg and 1:4 with 120 Delta 100 (shoot FP4 in 4X5) My times are 5-6 min. I consulted the Massive Developing chart http://www.digitaltruth.com/devchart.html
and as you can see there are no times for DDX 1:9 for Delta 100, but there are comparison times for other films if you search the chart by DDX as the developer. If you are going to be running tests, why don't you just try doubling the time that you would use for 1:4 or give it a different, stronger dilution(1:7) and less time and report back to the forum ;-).