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11-Jul-2006, 15:49
I am new to this area of photography and have difficult problem:

1. When I bought few used (5x4 sheets) holders 'Lisco REGAL II' the attendant showed me how to load a sheet of fimd: he gave me a 'traning' sheet (one exposed sample - probably for color image) and told me that the groove of the sheet must be on lower right side of the sheet when I load it

2. When I bought pack of 25 sheets - ILFORD ISO 125, B/W - and started the procedure in complete darkness, I had the confusing feeling, that if the stickier side of the sheet must be on top then the groove must be on upper right side !!! and I loaded it with the groove on upper-right.

apart from other problems when taking the exposure, the lab technician (where I developed the sheets) was not sure

Which side is the one whith the sensitive layer: when the groove is on LOWER RIGHT or on UPPER RIGHT side ?

Thanks for anyone giving me advise, because I risk to waste more sheets !

It would have been helpful if ILFORD has this information on their web side.

Richard Ide
11-Jul-2006, 15:56
If you hold a sheet in front of you with the four inch edge at the bottom; the notches in the edge of the sheet will be on the top edge on the right hand when the emulsion is facing you. Hope this helps

11-Jul-2006, 16:02
Thanks a lot - I will load the next batch the way you said.

Bruce Watson
11-Jul-2006, 16:04

Walter Calahan
11-Jul-2006, 16:05
I always place the holder horizontally with the dark slide pulling out from the left.

With my left hand I place a finger tip at the opening of the top and bottom film hold down rails.

Then with my right hand, I hold the film with my index finger against the notch code in the lower right position so the film emulsion is facing up.

Then I line up the left corners of the film under my left hand fingers to make sure the film entered the holder under the hold down rails, and push with my index finger on the notches.

That easy.

11-Jul-2006, 16:36
Thanks for the input to all participants!

now I have a collection of links to go and check for many other questions that I (will) have - will be in touch.

11-Jul-2006, 18:44
Here's another...