View Full Version : Identifying Film by Notches

G Benaim
11-Jul-2006, 03:51

Just got some holders w film in them, the notches are one short then one long, left to right. Anyone know what it is? Thanks.


11-Jul-2006, 05:09
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28-Jul-2007, 05:02
this might help too:


Gene McCluney
28-Jul-2007, 11:15
Just a note here. While Kodak identifies film with different combinations of notches, and possibly Fuji and Ilford, the smaller companies do not use (to my knowledge) different notch "codes", rather the same notch, which serves to orient the film in your hand in the dark to emulsion side.

Of historical note: Gevaert sheet films (pre Agfa merger) used two notches to identify Ortho film and three notches to identify Panchromatic film