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11-Jul-2006, 03:13
Hi Everyone,
I'm very new to LF (as in last week!)
Canned history:
I have been interested in photography for several years.
I started off using my Dad's Chinon 35mm SLR, then I bought a digital compact.
In 2004, I upgraded to a Canon EOS300D, then bought 2 EOS 500 film bodies to fit in with my Canon lenses.
In 2005, I started developing my own film, and I now have an enlarger as well (unfortunately only 35 mm, but at least I can print something).
Early this year, I got itchy fingers and bought a Mamiya 645 with 45 and 80mm lenses, prism and motor drive from Ebay.
I have just borrowed an Arca Swiss from work with 75, 180 and 240mm lenses, and I'm really enjoying using it.
At the same time, I am repairing another Arca, which I picked up as scrap (the monorail and standards are in reasonably good condition, but the bellows and ground glass were rather sad, to say the least)

I have cleaned and adjusted all the movements, replaced the smashed ground glass, and stripped the Bellows right down to the inner fabric liner. I'm currently in the process of gluing over 240 strips of card to the flats of the bellows, after which I'll cover the whole thing with lightproof cloth.
Then I need to make or buy a lensboard and find a lens.

I would be interested if anyone has one at a reasonable price - even if it's not a brilliant lens, I'm just after something to get me started. Please PM me If you have any suggestions / offers.

I hope to learn a lot here, and offer any help where I can.

Walter Calahan
11-Jul-2006, 04:32
Welcome good Friar (Grin).


Ralph Barker
11-Jul-2006, 08:09
Welcome to the "dark slide", as they say, Ben.

Ernest Purdum
11-Jul-2006, 15:24
Choosing a first lens can be somewhat tricky. The wrong lens can be a source of frustration and disappointment. It's also a rather personal matter

If you click on my name and send me your mailing address, I will send you a booklet on view camera lens choice.

Mark Pope
14-Jul-2006, 13:22
Hi Ben,

I suggest you get hold of a couple of books. The following were recommended to me:
Using the View Camera by Steve Simmons and Large Format Nature Photography by Jack Dykinga. Both are excellent. The Jack Dykinga is really inspirational.

There are plenty of dealers in the UK that seem to have fairly good stocks of secondhand lenses. Ones that immediately spring to mind are:
Foto-arte http://www.foto-arte.co.uk
mxv http://www.mxv-co.uk
Ffordes http://www.ffordes.com (I think else try .co.uk)
Robert white http://www.robertwhite.co.uk
Mr Cad http://www.mrcad.co.uk

There's also Ebay of course...

Good luck in your quest for a lens. Once you get going, I don't think you'll regret it.
It's the most satisfying, relaxing photography you can do IMHO.


Ole Tjugen
14-Jul-2006, 14:37
Decide which focal length you would like from the kit you have borrowed.

Then, if it's 150, 180, or 210mm, PM me. :)

14-Jul-2006, 17:34
Greetings Ben,

Welcome to the club... and one of the GREAT forums of all time!

I see you've already met some of the good people here. There's many more to come. :)