View Full Version : Canham and Toyo lens boards: compatible?

10-Jul-2006, 10:46
This is a specialized question for those who are familiar with both the Canham 4x5 metal camera and the Toyo Field camera.

I've read that the lens boards are the same size, but I've also read that the Canham boards are a little thicker.

Can anyone advise whether the boards are interchangeable?

Diane Maher
10-Jul-2006, 11:16
I have used my Toyo boards on my Canham (okay, it's a wooden one, not metal). I haven't had the chance to try the Canham boards in the Toyo as a friend is borrowing my Toyo at the moment.

I'd have to check the thickness with a caliper later.

karl french
10-Jul-2006, 12:36
Canham boards are a bit thicker. I use a Toyo board on my Canham with no trouble.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
10-Jul-2006, 17:41
My experience is that the Toyo boards will fit on a Canham, but not vice versa. I have a few of the Toyo 25mm recessed lensboards which I use on my Canham; not only do they allow nice movements on a 5x7 Canham with a 75mm, they also allow me to shut the camera with a lens inside.