View Full Version : Any difference between D-76 (ID-11) 1:1 and DD-X?

brian steinberger
8-Jul-2006, 16:21
I've heard that DD-X is the liquid version of ID-11. Is that the case? What about dilution? There's only one standard dilution for DD-X (1:4). With D-76 and ID-11 there's straight, 1:1, and 1:3. That offers greater control, and also, D-76 and ID-11 are more economical. What's the advantage of DD-X? I've heard it's a great developer, especially with Delta films.

9-Jul-2006, 10:10
ID-11 is more like D-76 and DD-X is more like Tmax developer, or whatever that Kodak product is called.

Go to www.ilfordphoto.com for the comparison list.