View Full Version : Question for anyone using Delta Films?

brian steinberger
8-Jul-2006, 16:18
I'm wondering what the preferred developer for Delta Films are. I'm gonna start using Delta 100 in 4x5 and 400 in 120 and would like to start running tests. I know that D-76 is the preferred developer for T-max. Is that the case for Delta films too? What about DD-X?

Jim MacKenzie
8-Jul-2006, 16:21
You will get many answers, I am sure. :)

My favourite developer for both Delta 100 and 400 is XTOL 1:1. I don't really like either in PMK. Both are quite good in D-76 1:1.

Some believe that Pyrocat-HD is a great developer for these films. I haven't tried that combination yet.

Some believe that Rodinal works well with these films. I haven't tried that either.

DD-X is a nice developer but it's expensive. If you don't mind paying the price for it, it will give XTOL-like results.

Wayne Crider
8-Jul-2006, 16:41
Actually the preferred developer by Kodak is Xtol. The Film Dev Cookbook mentions 1:3 which I have use with satisfaction in LF. I use 1:2 in medium format. Pyro based formulas are pretty popular with some depending on the end-medium of expression and the N-minus developing needs. Xtol is easy to mix, lasts well if cared for and is more benign as a developer. I'd try Xtol first and maybe Pyrocat or 510 Pyro second. Jay and Sandy should be chiming in.

Ralph Barker
8-Jul-2006, 17:15
The Delta films seem to develop well in most developers, so using one you're already familiar with is a good place to start. Personally, I like the balance between speed, grain, sharpness, and tonality I get with DD-X, mixed at Ilford's recommendation of 1:4.

Eric Biggerstaff
8-Jul-2006, 19:45
I use Delta 100 and have developed it both in Xtol ( stock) and DDX (1+4), both are nice developers but my preference is towards the DDX. It may cost a little more but it is easy to use and provides nice grain, speed, ect. Everything Ralph mentioned. You should not go wrong with the DDX / Delta combination.

Good luck.

brian steinberger
8-Jul-2006, 23:00
I develop my 4x5 film 6 sheets at a time in a half gallon tank, so with DD-X I would need to use 12.8oz everytime I developed 6 sheets. Thats not very economical, considering I use it one-shot, but if you guys swear by it, then I'm 'willing to try it. How do you think ID-11 1:1 would stack up against DD-X?

David Karp
9-Jul-2006, 14:19
I don't know how it stacks up against DD-X, but ID-11/D-76 1:1 is a beautiful combination with Delta 100. Years ago, that was the combination I used when shooting 35mm on a tripod using mirror lock up. Photographs I made that way were sometimes mistaken for medium format.

David Luttmann
9-Jul-2006, 15:42
DDX for me at 1:4 has great tonality to it. I've never been thrilled with Delta 100 in either Pyro or HD....never thought it stained all the well. Considering the formualtion, Xtol 1:1 should provide decent tonality and fine grain....haven't tried it though.

Colin Graham
9-Jul-2006, 21:40
I used to like it in FG-7. Even with a sodium sulfite addition the sharpness didnt seem to suffer much. Rodinol now there's an aquired taste. I never tried it in any pyro formulas.