View Full Version : Okay then, 803 vs. 804

Jim Rice
8-Jul-2006, 15:17
Can you tell I just "won" a processor on ebay? Any comments or tips appreciated.

8-Jul-2006, 17:11
Stick to fresh film, no more than a year out of date at the utmost, preferably actually within date. Comes up regularly on the 'bay. Don't store in the fridge unless you know exactly what you are doing, it can damage the chem pack.

I like the 803 (ASA 800), because I am a contrast freak. I believe this film is intended for industrial/medical applications. To my jaded eye, 804 (ASA 100) can look wimpy. No one will agree with me.

Expect a complete mechanical or chemical failure, or user error, now and then, esp. at first. It's a delicate process, prone to problems.

Ralph Barker
8-Jul-2006, 17:26
I prefer Type 804, but it's really a matter of personal taste and shooting circumstance.

As to the processor, it seems that keeping the rollers extremely clean is a key factor. Also, make sure the upper assembly is floating freely in the guides, as even a slight bind will trash the print. And, be sure that the components (holder, tray or no-tray) match. Mine are the 81-06 type, which uses the tray.