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Scott Knowles
8-Jul-2006, 06:50
Folks, I posted this on Photo.net but I thought I would post it here to get ideas from LF photographers since I'm starting to work in 4x5 this summer. So here goes.

Since I finally retired from the USGS to focus on photography, I'm resurrecting an idea I had years ago of developing a photography guide to Mt. Rainier National Park. It's in the initial stages at http://www.wsrphoto.com/mtrainier.html.

Anyway, I'm working on the area Web pages with information about what, when, where, etc., and you can help me a great deal by letting me know if/when you plan trips to National Park, what questions do you have and what information would help you. I have the three photoguides (listed on the Web page above) and they're excellent for what they present, but I notice they lack the depth of information for first- time people with limited time, often 1-3 days.

I don't plan to address anything much outside the NP as there are tons of Web sites for that and people have their own preferences. My interest is inside the NP, and being a geographer, information will likely be spatially based with references to seasons, events, etc. I'm also trying to determine how much related information photographers want. Being a more traditional film-based one, I can't speak for digital cameras but I would add links to others' Web page with good information.

Thanks for the time. All suggestions welcome.

Ralph Barker
8-Jul-2006, 08:11
Excellent idea, Scott. I wish you much success with the effort.

Being one who often uses the NPS sites and USGS maps for pre-trip research, here's what I've found lacking in most cases:

1. specific USGS map titles for the area, instead of just general links to the USGS site, and which maps are most useful from a photographic perspective (most guides are aimed at backpackers),

2. more info about specific trails, including distance, terrain, trail type, etc. - i.e., is the trail feasible for older folks, and does it lend itself to wheeled equipment carts for LF gear?

3. hints on best time of day for specific features for those on a limited schedule. I often get the USGS maps and then use a solar calculator to guess at this, trying to visualize sun position in relation to the features shown on the topo maps to guess at shadowing, etc., but it's often hit or miss.

Scott Knowles
8-Jul-2006, 19:52
Thanks for the suggestions. I have a suggestion Web page (http://www.wsrphoto.com/mtphotos.html) to keep track of them, and will update it as I work on them. As for your question, "...trails feasible for older folks, and does it lend itself to wheeled equipment carts for LF gear?", that's fairly easy. There are four areas with paved (wide) trails, all short distances (<1 mile), three starting at visitors centers, Longmire, Paradise, and Sunrise and one at Narada Falls. There are more trails that are light elevation gain, and I'll work on a list, but most of them again are short distance as the Park has lots of trails with significant elevation gains/losses.