View Full Version : How to stop the [LF Forum] email for some time.

Mikael Hofverberg
7-Jul-2006, 00:03
I'am geting approx 100 of email every day from [LF Forum] witch I like very mush. But now I will be gone for vacation a couple of week and wounder how I can turn the email notification off (and later back on). I have tryed to turn Email notifiation off in User CP. But the mail is still comming in. What can I do?


Tom Westbrook
7-Jul-2006, 05:42
Can you set a rule in your email program to just delete them on arrival?

Mikael Hofverberg
7-Jul-2006, 10:44
Hi Tom
Problem is that my email server will be filled up, because I am not able to rea my mail nether to have my computer on (to check my mail).