View Full Version : A 'Recent Posts' button or link

Jeffrey Sipress
6-Jul-2006, 22:42
I can't find a way to list just my recent posts and replies. I'm used to the 'recent posts' feature over at FredMiranda.com. Would be real convenient here.

Steve H
6-Jul-2006, 22:45
Look on the bar, there's a 'New Posts' button. Click that. Then when you're done, click the 'Mark Forums Read' button. That way, the next time you log on, you will only see posts that have been created/updated since your last visit.

Tom Westbrook
7-Jul-2006, 05:47
Jeffrey, if you want to see only your own posts, click on your name above (or anywhere else in the Forum) and there's an option in the drop-down menu "Find more posts by" where you can see only your own posts. That works for all users.

Jeffrey Sipress
7-Jul-2006, 13:51
Thanks, tom.

Steve, I think you should be putting more effort into thinking about tomorrow today. Your reply had nothing to do with my needs, but sounded authoritative!