View Full Version : Kodak Comm. Ektar....What filters fit???

David Richhart
23-Jan-2000, 12:57
I am using a "14 inch, Kodak Commercial Ektar lens" for 8x10 work. Can anyon e tell me what size filters will screw into the lens? It seems to measure 72mm, but I want to be sure before I buy. Thanks!

Robert A. Zeichner
24-Jan-2000, 07:59
According to my records, if this is an f6.3, 14" Commercial Ektar, it takes a special #91 screw-in filter. I don't know if that is equiv. to 72mm. How are you making the 72mm measurement? If you can acquire one of those inexpensive nylon calipers, measure the inside diameter. If it truly is slightly less than 72mm (about 71mm) you might be right, assuming there is nothing strange about the thread pitch.

Craig Maxwell
24-Jan-2000, 10:32
Hi Dave,

Since I use several different large format lenses on both my 4x5 and 8x10 cameras the use of screw-in type filter became a major problem for me. I have started using the Lee Gel-Snap filter holder. This simple device allows me to use 4" gelatin or polyester filters on any one of my lenses. It really is simplicity in itself, the Gel-Snap holder attaches to the outside part of the lens barrel with a large rubber band. It works great and allows me to carry a large variety of filters that take up very little room in my backpack. I purchased it through B&H Photo.

Donald R. Cassling
24-Jan-2000, 11:44
Dave, I have the same lens, and 72mm works just fine.

David Richhart
25-Jan-2000, 10:15
Thanks to all for the help, especially Don, because that is just what I needed to know. Companies so often disguise simple measurements with complex code numbers. Probably in an attempt to promote their own products. This website would be a great place to begin a reference chart of the various filters and other attachments that fit the many lenses in use!