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Raymond Bleesz
21-Mar-2000, 10:09
I understand from a previous poster, that Arca Swiss moved some of its operation s to Besancon, France--no doubt to save on labor costs.

Does anyone have the specific address of AS in Besancon as i will be there in Ma y?


raymond a. bleesz

Paul Schilliger
21-Mar-2000, 14:27
Raymond, here is ARCA-SWISS address:

ARCA-SWISS International S.A.R.L. 29, quartier de l'europe, Espace Valentin, FR -25048 Besanon.

Tel 33-381-85 40 60 Fax 33-381-85 40 69 arca-swiss@swissonline.ch

21-Mar-2000, 15:42

Not labour. O of 10 points. But France is part of the EEC, so we can provide a better and much faster custom er service in Europe. (ARCA-SWISS International is located between Basel / Switzerland, and Dijon / France). Paul's address is p erfect.

A Bientot

ARCA-SWISS International Customer Support