View Full Version : Compiling lenses for 4x5 & 8x10

Richard Årlin
6-Jul-2006, 10:25
Started with an old Plaubel 5x7 studio camera and a 121 SA and a Nikon W 210, still have them and a free Durst 138 enlarger someone was throwing out. But the Plaubel was hard to bring along so I got a 4x5 and eventually a 8x10 flatbed, Ebony & Shen-Hao respectively. Bought an 150 Apo Symmar with the 4x5 and two second hand wideangles, a SA 90 F:8 and a 75 F:5,6 and also a second hand Apo Ronar 300. A 240 Zeiss Dagor 6,8 was given to me and I was lucky to find a shuttered Cooke 158mm VIIb to go with the 8x10. Recently I managed to find a nice shuttered 19" red dot Artar on Ebay, a steal @ $478. Also on Ebay a 108 VIIb Cooke in shutter earlier.

Now, a scenery to get rid of some lenses, keep some, get some others to make a perfect set for the two cameras and still have some usable for the 5x7:

4x5: 75 SA (sell), find or wait for a new 82 mm CookeVIIb or VIIc, 90 SA (sell), 108 Cooke VIIb, (keep), 121 SA (sell), 150 Apo Symmar (keep), 210 Nikon W (swap for a 210mm red dot, Nikon-W 5,6 beeing too clumsy to take along), 300 Apo Ronar (sell), 360 mm Fuji-A (find), leaving me eventually with: 82, 108, 150, 210, 360, (480 R.D.for landscapes and not too close subjects at a pinch, bellows max 540 mm)

8x10: 158 VIIb, keep, naturally as well as the 240 Zeiss Dagor, 360 mm Fuji-A shared with 4x5 and the newly aquired 19" red dot Goerz red dot... all usable on the 5x7 including the 108 Cooke shared with the 4x5: 158, 240, 360, 480...

Nice shelfcleaning huh, comments please and offers if someone is particularly looking for nice 75, 90, (and a 108 newly serviced Wolly series IIIa ExWa 108 (5x7) in a Betax 2) 121, 210 or 300 lenses , caveat emptor and decriptions of each naturally. Believe it should be feasible to swap the 5 for a 360 Fuji-A and an 82 mm VIIb or c... and be left with lenses for all 3 cameras...

Richard Årlin
6-Jul-2006, 11:08
By the way, anyone ever saw an 82mm Cooke VIIB in a shutter ?