View Full Version : Recessed board and 125 mm lens?

6-Jul-2006, 07:53
Given the choice, would you prefer to use a flat board or a recessed board with a 125mm lens?

The bellows are the standard (not bag) bellows; to the extent it matters, the camera in question is a Toyo View with a rather large lens board (approximately 160mm).

Ralph Barker
6-Jul-2006, 09:50
I found a recessed board was convenient with 90mm and shorter lenses on my Toyo 4x5 monorail, but I don't think it would be needed with a 125mm lens. Even the 90mm is borderline.

6-Jul-2006, 15:45
The only spare board I have at the moment is a recessed board, and I'm a eyeing a 125mm lens. Should I also plan to buy a flat board for it, or would the recessed board be serviceable?

Jeffrey Sipress
6-Jul-2006, 15:54
Either will work. The flat board is more convenient to use

6-Jul-2006, 16:27
flat board might also make tilts and swings more centered around the nodal point of the lens than a recessed board would -- making front movements more "convenient"

J Michael Sullivan

Vick Vickery
6-Jul-2006, 20:27
I use a flat board whenever possible to keep the movements more centered. I originally had 90mm and 100mm lenses on recessed boards for my Cambo monorail, but changed to flat when I got a bag bellows...I put both standards in front of the tripod base. I've kept the recessed boards in case I buy shorter lenses.

6-Jul-2006, 21:02
You can get a custom board from that guy on eBay for $5. It is surely worth way more than that not to have to deal with the various shortcomings of a recessed board, together with no discernible advantages.

On the other hand, since it is already in-house, for $0, give it a try for yourself, maybe it is perfectly ok. Maybe keep your swings and tilts in the rear.