View Full Version : Azo replacement paper?

Jay DeFehr
5-Jul-2006, 15:49
Anyone heard anything about the status of M.A.S.' Azo replacement paper?


Doug Howk
5-Jul-2006, 16:47
Last post I saw on the AZO Forum concerning Lodima Art paper was that the manufacturer needed to age the emulsion longer (too contrasty) as well as make some minor adjustments. I'm sure we're all holding our breath hoping that Michael & Paula pull off this venture.

Jay DeFehr
5-Jul-2006, 16:56
Thanks, Doug.

Last I heard, MAS said it should be available early this summer, but it's a complicated and expensive process, so delays are to be expected. I can see the end of my Azo stock on the horizon, and was hoping to be able to try the replacement stuff before I re-stock. I guess a few more boxes of Azo are in order.


ronald moravec
6-Jul-2006, 04:18
Making the emulsion is more art than science. The exact formula needs to be tweeked for conditions and the exact composition of certain components at the time of manufacture. It will be interesting if this can be pulled off.

Jay DeFehr
6-Jul-2006, 13:15

I think it will be more than interesting. The only similar undertaking that comes to mind is Chicago Albumen Works' P.O.P paper, which I understand is a far more manageable challenge than the one M.A.S. & co. are up against with a silver chloride developing out paper. It would be a great thing to have both papers available, and maybe a platinum paper, as well. We can buy carbon tissue from B&S, so who knows....