View Full Version : Can you use Photo Flo on Prints?

brian steinberger
4-Jul-2006, 12:30
Some times when I hang my FB prints to dry after wash they dry with small smudge marks. I'm wondering if this is due to water minerals drying on the surface. Does anyone use or recommend a drying aid in distilled water with FB prints last before hanging to dry?

Brian Ellis
4-Jul-2006, 12:50
I used to rinse prints in a tray of distilled water after the wash and before drying. I didn't use Photo Flo, distilled water alone seemed to do the trick.

David A. Goldfarb
4-Jul-2006, 13:20
I'd do a final rinse in distilled water, as Brian suggests.

I think Photo-flo would leave FB paper sticky and I'd be concerned about the film residue interfering with hinge mounting or dry mounting (but not mounting corners, obviously). Photo-flo would also make a mess, if you use drying screens.

Oren Grad
4-Jul-2006, 14:05
Consider Sistan, which is definitely intended for use with prints. In addition to the protective thiocyanate, it includes a wetting agent.

Glenn Thoreson
4-Jul-2006, 17:51
Are you using a squeegee before you hang them? We have some pretty hard water around here and I've never had that problem. I almost never use distilled water for anything, as in this case, it doesn't seem to make any difference. I always squeegee both sides well before hanging.

brian steinberger
4-Jul-2006, 18:02

No I don't squeegee my prints before I hang them. Should I? Does I help in drying? What kind of squeegee?

4-Jul-2006, 18:04

When I use to work at a newspaper in Alberta, Canada we encountered a similar problem. So, a water filtration system was installed. We also went with Sistan (and another similar product) and the problem never cropped up again!

Good luck on resolving the issue. :)


Glenn Thoreson
4-Jul-2006, 18:17
Brian, I consider it essential.It helps speed the drying process a lot. Squeegeeing also removes traces of stuff that can leave a film on your print, and of course, no water on the surface means no water marks. You can get a photo squeegee from B&H. They're not expensive at all. In a pinch, I have even used a (new) automotive wiper blade. Nothing beats the real thing, though. One thing to remember - keep your squeegee clean and don't use it for anything else. (I stiill have a hard time believing squeegee is a real word, however)

6-Jul-2006, 21:33
Brian, I always use FotoFlo when drying my prints. I dilute weting agent in nano-pure water, of course regular distilled water will be fine. Fotoflo is OK with dry-mounting and does not make prints sticky or so.