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3-Jul-2006, 08:01
Hi to you all new member here, first of all I have a shutter which mounts behind the lens. Which the lens is attached via a lens panel which sits into the shutter. I have never seen anything like this before. I'm not even sure who made it as it only has the letters LUO and a US patent number on it. Secondly my cable release's plunger only travells out approximately 13-14MM or just bit more than a half an inch. Having rougly measured from the socket to the firing lever when the shutter is tripped manually it looks like it needs around 21MM(It could be more?) To open the shutter fully-This can be done manually or by a lever which sits on top of the shutter mount, which is I think the viewing position, it has 3 settings in total. 1 is maybe 1/20th or 1/30th haven't tested it yet. 2nd is bulb and the 3rd is the viewing setting. I have attached a JPEG of the shutter anyone who can add details to the make and history etc-Also where its possible to find a cable release long enough to trip the shutter, would be very much appreciated.

Ernest Purdum
3-Jul-2006, 08:12
I think the make is "LUC" rather than LUO. You should also find a logo which is an outline of a cathedral with two towers - a symbol of Munich, Germany, where the shutter was made. It is quite a nice alternative to a Packard.

Steve Hamley
3-Jul-2006, 09:22
Get a Gepe pro from Jim at Midwest Photo Exchange - be sure and tell him you need a long throw release. This one works well on Luc and Ilex. It will set you back about $29 though, not exactly cheap. IIRC, I have a different Gepe that was $13 which also works on Ilex, can't remember if I've tried it with the Luc.

I also have an old, short, Prontor release which works if you have access to "bargain bins".


3-Jul-2006, 09:39
Thanks Ernest.
Your right it is LUC-The manic heatwave we're experiencing in the UK must have fried my typing! It does have the outline of what looks like two towers. Do you have any more info on the shutter operations, with regard to the timed setting-Think its 1/20th or 1/30th?

Steve do you know what travel is of the Gepe-How similar is the Ilex to the Luc?

Ernest Purdum
3-Jul-2006, 11:51
I don't have any information about the actual speed of the LUC instantaneous setting. I suspect it varies with different size shutters. Testing is your best bet.

The Ilex is a self-cocking inter-lens shutter. The largest sizes are often used for behind the lens mounting. Because when you press the cable release you are not only releasing the shutter but first cocking it, the throw has to be long. You can see some information on it as used on rearmounting on the www.skgrimes.com website.

3-Jul-2006, 11:59
I was beginning to wonder whether it should be mounted on the front of the lens.
Thought I gone about this the wrong way, though it makes more sense to rear mount it. As far as measuring the shutter-Is the right to measure across the outer or inner rim? Show on one of your previous post you mentioned possible problems with focal lengths? Hope not as I intend to use a modified 6 and half inch F4 SF lens also a 270mm and a old Bausch and Lomb-Which has no focal length description on it. Apart from B& L Tessar 10x8!..? Might have to try and measure the bellows when in focus?

3-Jul-2006, 12:01
Forgot to add this going to used on a 5 x 7 Ansco.

Steve Hamley
3-Jul-2006, 12:14
A Lus is usually mounted on the front of a lens - although mine are not the same in appearance as the one you have. I'll send you some pix and measurements for the Gepe "throw" when I get home.


Steve Hamley
3-Jul-2006, 14:40
O.K. lets see if I can attach a pic. Both cables came from Midwest Photo Exchange, and both are Gepes IIRC, the disc lock is for sure a Gepe Pro. The left hand "T" lock has 25mm of throw, the right hand Gepe Pro has 20mm. Both work both Luc shutters I have. The "T" lock is $13.95 IIRC and the Gepe Pro disc lock is $29.95, and is a better quality cable release.

I'm guessing you can get these from Robert White or Teamwork in the UK.


Bob Salomon
3-Jul-2006, 15:08

There are 34 Gepe Pro cable releases. All are in the Gepe Pro Series.10 are cloth covered long throw releases ranging from 6 to 40". With lock they are available with a "T" lock or a Zeiss disk lock.

In PVC covered there are 12 from 12 to 40" in a choice of red, white, blue or black colors and all with Zeiss disk lock. In metal weave they are available in 10 and 20" length with Zeiss disk locks. I steel with PVC covered they are 10 to 40" long with a choice of "T" or Zeiss disk lock in 20 and 40" lengths and "T" lock only in 10". Black steel and PVC covered are available in 20 and 40" with either length with either lock. The PROFI release - the one you called a Pro release - has an adjustable throw tip with Zeiss disk lock and is 20" long with a PVC cover.

Gepe Pro releases have list pricec ranging from $7.55 for the shortest cloth one without release to $43.00 for the PROFI release. As these are made in Germany and the $ has weakened against the Euro the prices will increse slightly at the end of July. However these are list prices and most dealers discount them.

Steve Hamley
3-Jul-2006, 16:36
Thanks Bob!


4-Jul-2006, 06:30
Thanks Steve for taking the time to post the thumbnails and info. I'll check out R. White to see if they stock the Gepe range.

The adjustable throw tip sounds interesting, Though I think the Gepe "T' Lock with the 25mm of throw will surfice-If not then..?

I'll post the outcome as soon as I've had a chance to track one down and try it out.

Thanks Guys for all the responses very much appreciated.