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Jean Nightingale
2-Jul-2006, 14:12
Hello all, to introduce myself
I did some large format work for my college course last semester when I borrowed my tutor's camera.(He is Jim Williams and is over here from Canada) Anyway it was a 5x4 Toyo-view monorail with 130mm lens. I took some church interiors in b+w. and was really pleased with them. I havn't developed negs in a while but they came out great. So I am going to continue and photograph Durham cathedral for my final major project next semester. I may make them into a audio-visual slide show. Look forward to talking to you all,

Ted Harris
2-Jul-2006, 15:13
Jean welcome to our community. Feel free to ask quetions whenver about whatever.
Good to have you.

2-Jul-2006, 15:29
Greetings Jean,

Welcome lad! :)

A Canuck over in the UK... I'm jealous! :)

Post a few pictures and show us the results from your shoot, ok? We'd love to see them.


Walter Calahan
2-Jul-2006, 16:05
Hello from Westminster, Maryland, USA.


chris jordan
2-Jul-2006, 19:26
Hello Jean, greetings and welcome. I've always been a big fan of Frederick Evans' church interiors-- some of the most atmospheric images in the history of the medium maybe. So I'll look forward to seeing yours, and good luck with your work.

Cheers from Seattle,



Sven Schroder
3-Jul-2006, 12:20
Jean Hello from Sunny Morecambe

I would second Fredrick Evan's work and add Josef Sudek to the mix.
Is your course in Lancaster at the Uni ?

Again Regards From Sunny Morecambe.


Jean Nightingale
3-Jul-2006, 13:48
Thank you all for your warm replies
Yes I love Frederick Evans and Edwin Smith and some lovely intimate pictures (though not large format) by Noel Kingsley(he has a web site).No, not Lancaster uni. I go down to Bolton.
regards Jean

Barry F
3-Jul-2006, 23:31
Hi Jean,

And welcome from sunny Bolton. The members on here are exceptional with their friendliness and advice - second to none!

You're travelling all the way from Lancaster to Bolton? (I'm sure to our cousins over the pond that's the equivalent of popping out to the corner shop:) ) Wasn't there a course nearer? I'm starting my HNC/Foundation Degree in September at St Helens - any tips?

Anyway, welcome to the group and good luck at Bolton Uni.


Ralph Barker
4-Jul-2006, 05:49
Welcome to the LFPF, Jean.

Stan. L-B
4-Jul-2006, 12:46
Welcome to the LFPF, Jean.
Here is a very warm welcome from the South of England. You will most likely be spoilt for choice at Durham. Be prepared to pay quite a high fee for using a camera in the place of worship. However, there are plenty of good takes that come free around the area particularly for LF. Good luck.

4-Jul-2006, 14:22
Welcome to the LF Forum Jean!