View Full Version : carl zeiss Jena 13.5cm f3.5 Tessar #2074092

vernon brisley
2-Jul-2006, 10:53
I am searching for more information on this newly purchased lens. I know It is pre-war and that it is claimed to cover 8x10. It is mounted in an Ilex #4 acme shutter. I would like to find out if it is coated in any way (zeiss started in 1935). It would also be nice to find some specs.on the circle of coverage and sharpness fall-off. does anyone know a source for this information,or have any experience with this lense? I know it is old,but Zeiss can be great. I plan to start using this with 4x5.I know this is over-kill,but are there any problems with too much coverage?

Ole Tjugen
2-Jul-2006, 11:09
Thar lens was probably made for a folding 9x12cm camera - 135mm is the "standard normal" focal length on these. As such it covers 9x12cm with a bit of movements, 4x5" with very little movements. It won't come anywhere near covering 5x7", much less 8x10"! Expect dramatic sharpness fall-off outside of 150mm image circle.

As to coating, you'll have to ask the lens. I have a Schneider lens of similar vintage and specifications that looks like it's coated, but it isn't. It's a classic example of "oxidation film", which is what gave lens makers the idea for anti-reflex coatings!

vernon brisley
2-Jul-2006, 13:08
Thanks ole, I first thought the same thing but the lense came on a deardorf 8x10 lense board. I am trying to decide if it is worth the trouble to mount on my horseman 4x5. Perhaps it was being used as a novelty effect lense with the deardorf. I have to modify a board to mount it so I may make a temporary board just to see. I will try to let you know the result.
Oxidation film , that is interesting. thanks.

Ernest Purdum
2-Jul-2006, 21:06
Sometimes the small depth of field of an f3.5 lens is useful. You might find it worthwhile for portraits on rollfilm.

3-Jul-2006, 06:55
hi vernon --

i have and use a 21cm f3.5 tessar on my graflex slr ( 4x5 ) it was the lens that came with the camera. i have no idea what time period it is from, but it is a great lens!
shallow DOF portraits and floral shots ( with a makeshift diopter ) are just beautiful. its not magical or anything like that but it is soft and smooth.