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Jean Nightingale
2-Jul-2006, 08:08
Hello everyone,
I am a new member and would like some basic advice. I am at college doing a degree in photography and this last semester I learned how to use a large format 5x4 camera.
I was borrowing the college camera but I was so taken with the results I got of large church interiors that I decided to buy my own camera. I bought off e-bay a f4.5 90mm. rebadged rodenstock lens which has shutter copal 0. I have also bought a sinar f2 camera. It looks really nice, however, there is no lens screen. What do I do next? Do I simply look for a 0 screen for a sinar camera.Are they a standard size for all. Will I then be able to put the lens into the screen myself. Sorry but I am still learning about these cameras. Thanks in advance Jean

steve simmons
2-Jul-2006, 09:55
I think you are looking for what we in the US would call a lens board. I would contact Robert White in Poole and see if he has one.


steve simmons

2-Jul-2006, 12:20

A lensboard for a Sinar is a very common thing on that "big auction site" and you'll be able to pick one up for a very reasonable price.

Otherwise, if buying new, they're not the cheapest things in the world (US$95.00)!

One other thing, ALL lensboards are NOT interchangeable between camera manufacturers. For example, a Horseman board will fit a Sinar camera but will not fit a Linhof.

If the lens is a Copal 0 then you'll need a lensboard with the opening size to accept a Copal 0 lens. A Copal 1, 2, or 3 opening will be far too big for your lens. As for mounting it yourself, if you have the right lensboard and there's a retaining ring on the back of the lens, yes, you can mount it yourself. Just do the following:

1. Remove the retaining ring from the back of the lens,

2. Unscrew the rear element from the shutter,

3. Insert the front end of the lens (mounted on the shutter) through the opening in the lensboard,

4. Screw the retaining ring onto the back of the piece coming through the lensboard,

5. Thread the rear element back onto the rear end of the piece coming through the lensboard and, voila, you're done.

Just a brief note on the retaining ring - it generally has 4 small slots in it that you'll need to use in order to tighten the ring. There IS a tool that you can buy to do this. It's called a Spanner wrench... Rodenstock also makes one. They're not that expensive and are a good item to have on hand for the future.

Lastly, some lenses have pins sticking out of them and these are used to "lock" the front end of the lens onto the lensboard. Some people will drill a small hole to take this pin and it'll lock the front element in place. Most people remove the pin, which is what I've always done. It doesn't harm the lens in any way, shape, or form.

So, yes, you can mount the lens onto the board yourself or, simpler yet, just take it into a technician. It won't cost you much for him/her to do it. Then, you'll see exactly what it is you need to do for future lenses.

Good luck :)


Ron Marshall
2-Jul-2006, 12:41
When you eventually obtain other lenses there is another option that will allow you to save you some space and weight.

Adaptor lensboards permit lenses mounted on smaller and lighter lensboards to be attached to the Sinar.

It's a great camera, I have the F1.

Jean Nightingale
2-Jul-2006, 13:18
Thank you all for your help,
Now I can safely look for a sinar lensboard with copal 0. I read a book once by a steve simmons on large format photography. Is that you? If it is, I loved the church interiors. best regards Jean

steve simmons
3-Jul-2006, 06:50
Yes this is me. One of my photo heroes was an English photographer who photographed many of the church interiors in England in the early 1900s and made platinum prints. I can't rtemember his name, having a senior moment, but try and find a book on him or some of his prints. The Royal Photographic Society had a wonderful collection but I do not know what has happened to it.

good luck


steve simmons
3-Jul-2006, 06:53

It was Frederick Evans

steve simmons