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Dirk Baeumker
26-Jun-2006, 05:12
I have been a member of this forum for a while and read this forum for even more time...

I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself. I am from Liechtenstein and shoot 4x5" for quite a while already. My work is mainly figure and historic architecture, exclusively in b&w.

John Kasaian
26-Jun-2006, 06:53
Hello Dirk!

I've wanted to visit Liechtenstein ever since the 4th grade when I wrote about it it for my 'Nation Report" paper.


Ralph Barker
26-Jun-2006, 07:45
Hi, Dirk. I'll look forward to you having your site back online.

Steve Hamley
26-Jun-2006, 08:16
Hello Dirk,

I was in Liechtenstein on vacation in 1995. Wonderful place to be, and I hope to go back sometime.


26-Jun-2006, 09:49
Greetings Dirk,

Welcome to the forum... :)

Have never been to Liechtenstein but one day... hopefully!


Edwin Lachica
26-Jun-2006, 10:49
Hallo Dirk,

Grüss von Appenzell. Welcome to the forum.



Armin Seeholzer
26-Jun-2006, 12:03
Es grüssli vo de Luzerner Gegend!

Ich war schon 2-3 mal im Ländle!
Oh sorry I have been 2-3 times in Liechtenstein till a short time ago I always buyed my planfilms at Wahl Trading, but now the do not have many interesting offers on film anymore!!
Have a good time, Armin

26-Jun-2006, 12:17
Welcome Dirk to this wonderful LF Community! There are some nice folks here with a lot of knowledge to share. I look forward to viewing your work when your web site gets back up.