View Full Version : Image degradation with plastic Tiffen filters?

Keith Baker
22-Jan-2000, 12:45
Hi, I'm new to LF and just acquired a used 4x5. I'm interested in obtaining a filte r system for the thing as well. My current, and only lens is a symmar-S 150/5.6 . I went to LF for a number of reasons and one of them is image quality. Someon e recommended using the Tiffen system with the square filters that drop in. My main concern is loss of image quality since the image goes through a hunk of pla stic. I could use screw-in glass but that gets pricey. Does anyone have any in fo on loss of image quality (sharpness) with the plastic square things from Tiff en or the gelatins from Kodak? Thanks for your input.

22-Jan-2000, 17:55
As far as I know the gelatin filter is optically flat and so, should not cause any major degredation, unless there is damage to the gelatin itself, also the same goes for Tiffen and Lee filters (another system type filter you should try)

William Marderness
22-Jan-2000, 21:49
I have read that plastic filters degrade sharpness a bit. Gelatin filters are good optically, but suffer from flare. The best filter is coated glass.

james mickelson
23-Jan-2000, 17:46
You won't have any trouble with the Tiffen filters. They are flat and unless you gouge them up they won't degrade the image all the way up to 20x24 enlargements. There are enough other things to degrade your image that plastic filters will be the last thing you need worry about. Whenever you can, use a lens hood to help reduce flare. James